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Plastic Menus - Waterproof & Washable


Help prevent the spread of Covid-19 with these washable plastic menus. Resistant to alcohol and bleach. Custom printed.


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Plastic Menus - Waterproof & Washable

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200mic synthetic paper

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Create a clean experience for every new customer

We're all doing what we can to curb the spread of coronavirus. And if you're running a café or a restaurant, your menus would be the one of the most likely ways to pass an infection between different people.

But with our new easy-to-clean Plastic Menus, you can keep your staff and your customers safe with a menu or flyer that's:

Washable and waterproof
Tearproof and durable
And resistant to alcohol and bleach.
So when your customers arrive, they can be sure they're getting a safe and hygienic experience from your business – and you can avoid the costs of constantly printing new menus and flyers.

Reduce your carbon footprint

These washable and waterproof menus are made from a specially developed polyester – which means you won't need to keep throwing them away after every new customer.

You can simply wipe them down, re-use them, and keep them clean and hygienic and in top condition for weeks or months to come.

(And better yet: when you change your promotions, our Plastic Menus can be recycled as a category 7 plastic. So even after hundreds of uses, they can still help the environment!)

All the same sizes – but now 100% washable

Our washable Menus come in every handy size you'd expect from a business promotion, including A3, A4 or A5 which are perfect for restaurant menus and drinks lists

You can choose from either the standard 160gsm weight – or an extra-thick 365gsm for a tough and durable premium feel.

And just like our regular Leaflets and Flyers, you'll get the same flawless printing quality with every batch – as well as the usual Free UK Delivery!

Waterproof Menus that are built to last

Our washable and waterproof Plastic Menus aren't just designed for hygiene. They're made from a thicker and tougher polyester – which means they're tearproof, durable, and long-lasting.

So if you want a clean and safe promotion that cuts down on waste (and helps you save money), drop a batch of our washable menus into your basket – and we'll get your order shipped out with free UK delivery within 2-3 business days.