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A6 Wire Bound Brochures


Looking for a small, versatile, pocket-sized way to display your products, services, and offers, or showcase your facilities? our A6 Wire bound brochures are a great choice!


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A6 Wire Bound Brochures

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A6 Wire Bound

Looking for a long-lasting booklet that’s both tough and small?

Our A6 wire-bound booklets are perfect for anything that needs to be reused. Things like city guides, reference manuals, or cocktail and dessert menus in restaurants.

Their durable spiral binding means they can handle plenty of pages without feeling the strain. But their pocket-friendly size means your budget can stretch further – compared to larger sizes, you can either save money on the same batch or get more for the same price!

That same spiral binding also means they’re naturally sturdy and stable. You can open them to any page and lie them flat on a surface, or use them to take notes while held in the hand – especially useful when you use an A6 wire bound booklet as a handy training manual or workbook.

These wirobound booklets might cost a little more than a standard stapled brochure – but that also means your audience will notice it. When you need to impress (or just give the impression of a big-budget operation) a booklet with a wire bound spine shows people that you’ve put some effort into your promotions.

Ordering is simple. Just choose your paper weight, decide how many pages you need, and we’ll take care of the rest – perfect prints with a tough and durable finish, delivered on time and at a price that makes sense.