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Print-Print is a leading supplier of high-quality presentation folders and folder printing services, which will allow you to get the most out of your document storage space while also impressing potential clients and customers.

With or without capacity pockets, silk or gloss lamination to the outer cover, and optional business card slits, our wide selection of folder printing solutions have you covered.

Full colour folder printing by Print-Print. Personalised folders with free UK delivery.

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  • A4 Folder Printing

    A4 Folder Printing

    Make the right first impression with our A4 printed presentation folders. They’re durable and lightweight, with a choice of either a silk or gloss finish – ideal for meetings, conventions, sales pitches or welcome packs.

  • A5-folder-printing

    A5 Folder Printing

    For a smart print in a small package, try our A5 presentation folders. They’re great for handouts in a training course or seminar, and the smaller A5 pocket folder size means you get the same flawless prints – without breaking your budget.

All You Need to Know About Presentation Folder Printing

Any business owner or professional will tell you that having the right tools for the job is the most important element of preparedness. In order to be prepared, however, you'll have to also be organised, and this is where things can get tricky for many businesses. Between juggling multiple responsibilities and managing several different employees' unique ways of working, the workflow process can easily become discombobulated without a game plan and ways to keep documents and information organised. Thankfully, you do have options when it comes to document storage and presentation consolidation!

A4 Presentation Folders

When are A4 presentation folders useful? To put it simply, our large selection of customisable A4 presentation folders are perfect for businesses and individuals who need to keep their documents safe and organised. Whether you need to put together an ideal and effective marketing package for distribution among various prospective clients or you need to convey a large amount of information concisely at a business seminar, A4 folder printing is a great way to thoroughly convey that said information. The materials used in our A4 folders are of the highest quality and will ensure lasting durability for years to come. We pride ourselves on being able to combine durability with professional printing aesthetics to make your presentation dreams come to life!

When designing the parameters of your A4 presentation folder, there are several criteria to consider. First, you'll need to decide whether you prefer our standard or deluxe specifications, the latter of which include glossy lamination. Day to day office work may only require our standard specifications, but folders that will be used to woo a business client or that will be out in the field quite often may require lamination to add a professional touch, or to stand the test of time. In the case of presentations and business-client interactions, your prospective clients are far more likely to hang onto a folder that is well-designed and branded, which will always remind them of the possibilities of doing business with your company.

A5 Presentation Folder Printing

Office and business settings can be augmented in terms of productivity with presentation folders and storage solutions, and our A5 presentation folders provide just that! For those who need more room and have more information to convey on bigger sheets of paper, the A5 solution is ideal. Our A5 folders are larger, measuring 210 mm x 148 mm in order to accommodate these needs. Not only will we help you consider the differences between our A4 and A5 folders, but we will also help you pick out the best materials for use with your purchased folders (whether they be A4 or A5).

A5 presentation folders are quite versatile, and often used by those who may not even be using A5 standard paper. The reason for this is the extra room inside of them, which allow for easy storage and organisation of just about anything. If you need them for use at school or university, then you'll find out that organising research, homework and other projects is a breeze. For use in medical offices, patient records and other medical information can quickly be stored. And as always, those in the world of business will find that the extra room comes in handy for organising presentation material and documents relating to business offers.

Why Should You Choose Our Presentation Folders?

If you’ve been wondering ‘why should I choose presentation folders from Print Print?’, the number one reason why you should pick our presentation folders is because of their quality. For starters, both of our specifications – deluxe and standard – include high-quality materials that are clearly observable in the final product. All of our folders are printed in full colour, and are done so using the highest quality 350gsm silk artboards. When prospective businesses and clients see the detail and quality that has been put into the manufacturing of our presentation folders, they are bound to draw a correlation between them and the quality of your business.

What can presentation folders be used for? Well, presentation folders have a variety of uses, and can often be used outside of your original intent for them. What may be bought as a way to keep presentation information in order for prospective clients can also be used to keep general office documents organised as well. If you plan to use them in a medical setting, then they can be used both to store patient information and records, as well as providing patients with take-home information. The possibilities are endless with our folders, and the opportunity for brand recognition makes them all that more desirable for brands and businesses that want to make a positive impression.

Why are the pocket options?

Some corporate applications require that your presentation folders have pockets, in order to store more information and more documents. Whether you need a simple presentation folder without pockets or one with a custom design, we can accommodate you. By default, our corporate presentation folders will come with one inner pocket that can hold up to 15 sheets of 80gsm A4 or A5 paper, but we can alter these specifications to allow each folder to hold even more. Print-Print can make these alterations quite easily, so don't be afraid to ask for more space for documents in your presentation folders!

The inner pocket in presentation folders is vital to ensuring the right impression is made. Traditional folders without pockets cannot hold documents as well, and those with rings to secure documents in place require either hole punchers or can obscure parts of each page when in the folder. Easy access is a number one priority for many brands seeking to make an impression; we design our folders with this in mind, so you can quickly distribute and make accessible to clients each document and sheet of paper that they need to inform themselves and make decisions.

In addition to this, we understand that businesses have to maximise their opportunities when it comes to branding. You can choose to add (for free) business card slots to any and all of our presentation folder designs, making sure that people have an easy and immediate way to find who to contact about future opportunities or questions.

Other Folder Options

What folder options are available, and what else do you have to consider when ordering presentation folders besides size, pockets and business card slots? The first element that will come up is how many printed sides you want on the folder. You can choose between single and double printed sides, which is important to consider in a variety of circumstances. More elaborate presentation projects may require double printed sides in order to convey the maximum amount of information, while single printed sides are more useful for those projects where the bulk of the information can be conveyed via included sheets.

Lamination is another concern that you'll need to consider. We offer three types of lamination options. The first is no lamination, which can be acceptable for basic presentation needs and folder use around the office. The second option is single-sided lamination, which is used on the outside of the folder and can really make your single printed side folder's artwork stand out. The third option is double sided lamination, which we recommend for use with all double printed side presentation folders

Designing Your Artwork

We are happy to accommodate all brands and businesses when it comes to artwork incorporation into our presentation printing solutions, but there are some guidelines that you will need to consider when making such a design for use with our service. The first consideration is the file type: we only allow PDF or JPEG files to be used with our folder printing services. We insist that CMYK colour be used in the design, but we can convert from a traditional RGB colour scheme for you if needed (Have questions about print-ready colour? Learn more here). Our bleed zone for any design is 3 millimetres on all edges, so please keep this in mind when designing your logo or artwork.

In addition to the bleed zone, you'll want to consider what we call the “safe zone”. This is the inner point at which all important information should be kept inside; our safe zone for all printing is 5 millimetres. If your artwork is larger than what you would like printed, then please be sure to add crop marks that indicate which sections of the overall image are to be cut from the printing process. You can check out our bleed and crops guide by clicking here.

Last but not least, you'll want to make sure that the image is optimised in resolution for use with the exact presentation folder size. Our document size guide is a great way to learn about the exact sizes needed for this, and it also tells you the desired resolution needed for each image to appear optimally on your folders.

Other Guides and Templates

It may be easier to absorb all of the image design specifications for your artwork by looking at a few of our guides (including the ones referenced above). For starters, Our bleed and crops guide will help you accurately gauge the point at which everything needs to be cut off, which will avoid certain parts of your image from being excluded. Our image resolution guide helps designers understand just what dimensions to use when creating artwork so that it does not appear pixilated or otherwise grainy. We also provide a fonts guide that helps you pick out a font that is best suited for presentation folder printing; some fonts look better in print than others, and some are more legible than others, so you want to be sure to balance these considerations and make the right decision.

We also offer blank artwork templates for you to use, which can take the guesswork out of properly sizing and determining where to cut off your artwork. These templates are available on each presentation folder's page under the ‘Download Blank Artwork Templates’ section. Our templates come in two file formats – Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Reader – and will allow you to quickly shape your artwork into a format that is ready to be used and printed by Print-Print. We highly recommend using these templates if you are not a seasoned expert in logo and design creation, as it will streamline your efforts and save you time.

For those who need a different, custom artwork template for a bespoke size, please get in touch with us: we'll be happy to accommodate you! You can reach us by telephone at 01952 850730 or by emailing us at Your ideal template will be constructed by one of our designers in a jiffy and we will email it to you shortly, and at no additional cost!.

Uploading Your Design

How do I upload a design? Once you have completed your design, you will then be able to upload it with your order. After you have made all of the appropriate selections for your project and added it to your shopping cart, you can then simply upload the PDF or JPEG image to your order, and we will begin processing it upon payment. If you run into any issues whatsoever during the image upload process, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to ensure not only that your ordering process is easy and smooth, but that the final product meets and exceeds your original expectations.

Delivery Options

We understand that your need for printed presentation folder material is important, and we at Print-Print work hard to ensure you receive your folders as soon as possible. If your order is not of the highest priority in terms of turnaround time, then you can save money by choosing our standard delivery time, which is 4-5 working days. For quicker delivery, we also offer a 2-3 working day delivery schedule. If a previous order with a less-reputable company has fallen through or you need last-minute services, then we can also offer next day delivery when placing your order before 1 PM. When placing your order, our site will always provide an estimated delivery date, but you can also call us at 01952 850730 to get a guaranteed and exact estimate.

Other Questions

Despite all of the information above, you may still have questions about your folder printing job. Some of the most commonly asked questions will be answered below, but do not hesitate to contact us via email or by phone if you have any questions not covered here.

Some people have asked whether or not they can order via email with us. We highly recommend for minimal back and forth (and thus, a better turnaround time) that you use the website to place your order. This will allow you to quickly input all details and graphics for your orders, and we will be able to complete them quickly. If ordering through the website is not possible for you, however, then we can facilitate your order via email. Please get in touch with us at if you have any issues using our website.

Being able to evaluate your final product before purchasing is a common desire for many businesses and brands, and we understand this. If you would like to receive a printed proof before placing an order, then you can do so (it will be charged based on the size and type of job). Please get in touch with our sales department for this service. If you have already placed your order and would like to see a proof ahead of the work, then you can request one either through email or through the mail. We recommend in this case that you request one via email so that you'll be able to check on any issues before the final order is dispatched.

All of our jobs are unbranded, which means that you will not see Print-Print's name anywhere on them. We do this in order to ensure the utmost professionalism in our products. Your clients and prospective customers will not know where you had your presentation folders printed.

We are happy to provide countless customers with the presentation folders and folder printing services that they need. We'd love to serve you, too! Please, get in touch with us if you have any additional questions about our presentation folder printing services, and we will be in touch with you shortly.