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210mm Square Wire Bound Brochures


For a more modern, edgy look to your catalogues and brochures, our 210mm square wire-bound brochures are perfect. Easy-turn pages and loads of design potential make these ideal promo items.


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210mm Square Wire Bound Brochures

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Square Wire Bound Brochure Printing

If your brochure needs to be thick – or if it needs to last through heavy, everyday use – you’ll need a tough binding to hold it all together.

Our Square Wire-bound Brochures are built for chunky documents, and they can hold a huge number of pages safely and securely. That makes them perfect for booklets that need to survive through hundreds of uses or lots of different users – things like reference manuals, employee handbooks or training workbooks.

Just like a perfect binding, our wire bound brochures can hold far more pages than a standard stapled one. But with a less rigid spine, these booklets can be opened at any page and laid out flat on a desk – which makes them the best choice for workbooks and handbooks that need to be written in.

They’re also great for showing off. With an uncommon square shape (combined with an attractive spiral spine), these square wirobound booklets can give your next business proposal or portfolio presentation an extra sense of permanence and quality.