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Not too big, not too small, our A2 poster printing service delivers the ideal sized poster for promotion and display purposes.


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A2 Poster Printing

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Printed A2 Posters

Printed A2 posters are one of our biggest sellers. We chalk this up to their convenient size and incredible value for money. Our full colour posters give you the space to broadcast any message you need to get across and to grab the attention of anyone; close or from a distance. Naturally they attract a smaller price than the A0 and A1 posters that we offer. They give you the ‘best of both worlds’- affordable effective advertising!

What Are A2 Posters Used For?

A2 posters are most commonly used to advertise a product or service. Here are some examples of common uses:

  • Promoting a concert or sports game.
  • Advertising a limited time offer inside your shop
  • Broadcasting a new product or service that’s about to launch.
  • Grabbing the attention of people passing by in high footfall location.

How Can A2 Posters Help My Business?

An A2 poster is almost a foot and a half by two feet. This is a sweet spot between large and small in the poster world. It gives you enough space to explain what you’re doing or what you have to offer, but it is small enough to go just about anywhere you could want it to go.

The benefits of poster advertising are obvious. What’s important to realise is that the A2 poster size is suitable for just about every purpose imaginable. What you should be asking yourself is if this size is right for you. In the limited cases where the answer is “no” the reason behind it is usually because a bigger poster will do the job better.

What Measurements Are an A2 Poster?

An A2 poster is the following dimensions:

* 420 x 594 mm

* 42 x 59.4 cm

* 16.54 x 23.39 inches

Gloss or Matt Finish?

We offer both gloss and matt finished printing products. If you’re looking for a small print run then I’m afraid the gloss is not available.

Choosing the right finish for your poster really comes down to the sector you operate in and the effect you are trying to create. If you are in any doubt as to what will work best for your posters then get in touch with our print experts and they can guide you on the optimal solution.

Quality Guaranteed Every Time

At Print-Print we take great care and attention to ensure that your product reaches you in the best possible condition. The poster will arrive with flawless colours and a stunning finish. We simply do not send substandard products out to our customers. We will advise and guide you on graphics and effects that may not turn out how you perceived when you had designs done, and will ensure that you are ecstatic with the final product.

As well as all this, if you order before 1PM you can receive your products the next day via our super fast delivery service. Speak to our expert printed today to find out more.