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A4 Tri Fold Leaflets


Quality printing and FREE Next Day delivery available. With six different sides to print on, these are great for squeezing a products range a mini brochure - feels bigger than it looks!


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A4 Tri Fold Leaflets

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Printed Tri-Fold Leaflets

So you're interested in folded leaflets and you found out about the tri fold option, perfect!


With all the space of a full-size poster broken down into bite-sized chunks, A4 folded leaflet printing lets you say everything you need to – without overwhelming your audience.

They're ideal if you're showing off a handful of different services or products, or if you've perfected a sales pitch that works best as a step-by-step progression. And with up to six different sides of paper to use, the tri fold leaflet design gives you enough space for plenty of graphics without looking cluttered.  Get folding leaflets for a pocket-sized promotion that won't hold you back – it's bigger on the inside than it looks.

Why Choose Tri-Fold Leaflets?                 

The folded leaflet works great for expanding on information that would otherwise be disguised through the limited space of a standard leaflet. The tri fold leaflet takes it a step further by allowing you to expand more. This is sometimes necessary as the folded leaflet may have one or two pages that are more image focused than detail oriented.

Another incredible benefit of these leaflets is that they package a large amount of information into a small, easy to hold booklet. This means that you can distribute them through dispensers, by hand, etc. It also means that you can use the same distribution methods that you would with a leaflet of the same paper size as a single side of the folded leaflet.

What Are Tri-Fold Leaflets Typically Used For?

Tri fold leaflets are very beneficial for corporate use and advertisement due to their versatility. The additional pages really adds to the options of what you can do with them. Here is a list of potential publication uses for tri fold leaflets:

  • Tourist attractions
  • Product or service flyer
  • Detailed business introduction
  • Event information with full detail on activities and more
  • Informational booklet (ex. Info/statistics on medical conditions)

What Printing Options Are Available For Tri-Fold?

Given the uniqueness of the tri fold leaflet, we offer a relatively basic range of printing options. You can always contact us privately if you would like to inquire about a custom order!

The basic printing options that you will see when ordering are as follows:

  • Order quantity (50 to 25,000)
  • Paper thickness (100gsm to 350gsm)
  • Delivery speed (Next working Day delivery, Standard 4-5 days, Express 2-3 days)
  • Downloadable artwork templates (Ps, Ai, and Id formats)

What Size Is Tri-Fold Folded To?

Tri fold leaflets are simply leaflets that are folded twice. This ultimately makes it a third of the original size. So the dimensions of each side will end up being a third of the original paper.

As an example, let’s say you start with a sheet of A4 paper. After downsizing it to a third by folding it twice, the end result will be all six sides that are the same size as DL paper. This means that the dimensions will downsize as follows:

  • From: 210 x 297 mm, To: 99 x 210 mm
  • From: 21 x 29.7 cm, To: 9.9 x 21 cm
  • From: 8.27 x 11.69 inches, To: 3.9 x 8.2 inches