Folded Leaflet Printing

Got plenty to say and not much room to say it?

Our next-day folded leaflet printing is ideal for promotions that cover a lot of ground: lots of different products, or lots of different sections, photos and graphics. They’re perfect for menus, instruction manuals or step-by-step sales guides – anything where it helps to break up your content into bite-sized chunks.

Just browse through the different styles and sizes (don’t be afraid to ask us for advice!) and we’ll be ready with our next-day delivery when you order our folded leaflet prints.

Folded leaflet printing by Print-Print. Half fold, tri-fold and custom folding available plus free UK delivery.

Shop for Folded Leaflets by size

  • A3-half-folded-leaflets

    A3 Half Fold Leaflets

    As well as giving you all the space for graphics and content you’d get with a full-page flyer, folded A3 leaflets let you break up your promotion into easily digestible chunks – perfect for restaurant menus.

  • A4-half-folded-leaflets

    A4 Half Fold Leaflets

    Get full-colour A4 folded flyer printing for one of our most versatile ways to print. They’re brilliant for educational handouts, event programmes or community newsletters – and with four different sides to print on, you can pack out your folded flyers without overloading your audience.

  • A5-half-folded-leaflets

    A5 Half Fold Leaflets

    Our folded A5 flyers are just right for a sneaky slip-in to go with your packaged deliveries or envelopes. They’re also just right to be slipped into a bag or pocket – so they won’t end up in the bin.

  • A4-tri-fold-leaflet-printing

    A4 Tri Fold Leaflets

    With six different sides to print on, tri-fold leaflets are great for squeezing a range of separate products or ideas into one handy flyer.
    You can also pack in loads of photos and graphics without things looking cluttered – our folded leaflet printing feels bigger than it looks!

Printed Folded Leaflets

Printed folded leaflets are a very effective advertising tool. They take the standard leaflet and add additional sides through the method of evenly folding the paper. This effectively takes a leaflet page and halves its size, but double’s it’s sides. For example, an A3 leaflet folded in half will create a folded leaflet with sides that are the size of A4 paper. This is because a piece of A4 paper is half the size of a piece of A3 paper.

Not sure which folded leaflet product is suitable?

Please watch these product videos to determine which type of folded leaflet is for you.


Why Use Folded Leaflets?

The big benefit of folded leaflets is that they increase the amount of sides that you have to work with.
You no longer have just one or two sides that you can print on. You now have four sides!

What you do with these sides is up to you. However, many take advantage of the increased space and go a step beyond just capturing the viewer’s attention with an intriguing design – businesses often use this extra space to print details or facts about themselves, their products, or their services. This is a great way to really go into detail and give reasons as to why they should choose you or your product, without running the risk of losing them because it’s “too much, too early”; as you already drew them in with a relevant eye grabbing cover. Not only that, but there are many cases where a standard leaflet just doesn’t do the purpose justice. For example, a new home construction company could broadcast general pieces of their offerings on a single page, but having

What Size Folded Leaflets Should I Use?

We suggest that you consider a folded leaflet that’s A3, A4, or A5 in size. These are the three sizes of paper that tend to work best when folded down to create a folded leaflet. A3 folds to A4, A4 folds to A5, and A5 folds to A6. When deciding the particular size of folded leaflet to use, it is often a good idea to think about which standard leaflet size you would choose if this was your only option. In most cases, the first page is used as a cover and the internal pages will carry the flow of information you want to get across. Therefore, by following this consideration you will have to decide on a page size that would work for your intended design.

Are you still stuck on which size to get?

Take it a step further by considering your distribution methods. For instance, folded leaflets that are sent out in the mail are best kept as small as possible, but hand-out leaflets could be of any size. At the same time, handing out larger leaflets may create a lower retention rate as no one wants to carry something that big around. Instead, you could stick to a smaller size if it doesn’t hinder the visual appeal or informational value of the leaflet as it will make it easier for people to put it in their pocket or book bag – thus, it will increase the retention rate.

Remember, a higher retention rate typically means a higher response rate too! Also, we offer full colour printing for tri-fold leaflets, which take it another step by increasing from four to six sides. If you have a lot of information to package up, then this may be an even better option for you!