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Spot UV Business Cards


Having a raised Gloss Spot UV Business Cards is a impressive technique that makes certain areas of a document high-shine ensuring your business cards stand out from the crowd.


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Spot UV Business Cards

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What's Spot UV?

Spot UV adds a liquid layer of clear material over the top of your ink. We then treat that layer with ultraviolet (UV) light, which dries the liquid into a tough and glossy raised effect.

It's perfect for adding height and shimmer to a logo or a piece of text – or when added as a subtle 3D effect to add texture to small parts of your design.

By using a raised coating that's transparent (but shiny!). Our cards are Matt Laminated first so there is a larger contrast against the Spot UV which helps to enhance the colours behind it

Get the attention you deserve with a high-contrast business card

When you hand over a business card, it needs to stand out and make a good impression. With a Spot UV card, you'll be able to:

  • Give your new contact a unique tactile experience – getting you noticed from the moment it touches their handsAdding an eye-catching promise to the outside of your envelopes
  • Create a business card that stands out in a pile of other cards – with high-contrast areas of shimmer and shine
  • And show off a high-class design that's built to impress – it looks far more expensive than it really is!

What should I use it for?

You've probably already seen the Spot UV effect on book covers and smartphone boxes. It's perfect for accentuating lettering, adding contrast to different elements of a logo, or decorating an empty space with some subtle background shapes.

Because of the way it works (both the 3D effect and the highlighting), Spot UV works best in places where you can create contrast.

It won't create a strong effect if it's used on tiny lettering or thin shapes, and it won't create a strong contrast if it's used all over your business card.

But when you get the balance just right, you can add a level of textural depth and reflective variety that sets your business card apart from the others.

Looking for a card that looks good AND feels good?

Try our new high-contrast Spot UV for a an eye-pleasing, finger-pleasing finish to your business card.

(And if you're not sure how to get the most out of your Spot UV design, just give us a call and we'll be happy to help.)