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Velvet Laminated Business Cards


Also known as ‘Soft Touch’ laminated cards, once you feel this you may not want any other card finish again. Velvet-laminated business cards, are all about the tactile experience. Order online today!


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Velvet Laminated Business Cards

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Velvet-Laminated Business Cards

Get a soft-touch finish for a smooth first impression

Laminated business cards are great for durability. And for some businesses, a matte or gloss laminate works perfectly well.

But handing over a business card isn't just about being functional:

It's a professional introduction and a personal exchange. It's the first time you're meeting a new client or important contact – and your business card can say a lot about you.

How is it different from other types of business cards?

Most laminated business cards come in two main types: a matt finish or a gloss finish. Both of these printing methods are based on how the card looks – but there's not a huge difference in how the card feels.

Velvet-laminated business cards, on the other hand, are all about the tactile experience.

By using a specially textured film that's bonded on top of the print, our soft-touch business cards come with a smooth and velvety surface that's instantly noticeable on the fingers.

(It's a bit like touching suede or a soft chamois leather – it's not something that's easy to describe in words!)

So why should I choose a velvet finish?

If your card looks and feels like every other, it's hard to stand out and be remembered.

But with the tempting texture of a velvet-laminated business card, you'll get:

  • An introduction that gets you noticed – before they've even looked at your card
  • A business card that gets a compliment – which really helps to break the ice
  • An addictive soft texture that's hard to put down – so your card stays in their hand or pocket all day
  • And a subtle hint of sophistication and good taste (which doesn't hurt when you're trying to impress).

What printing options do I have?

Our luxurious soft-touch business cards are created on a silk art board in full colour, and come printed at a size of 85mm x 55mm.

You can choose to print on a single side or get a double-sided business card onto our premium 450gsm.

And for an extra level of eye-catching elegance.

Ready to impress with a card they can't put down?

Give your clients a smooth introduction with the tactile sensation of a Velvet-Laminated Business Card.

Just choose you’re the quantity you would like and get your velvet laminated cards delivered in 2-3 days– or give us a call and we'll help you find the right fit for your next set of cards.