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Blank artwork templates to download

To help you create your artwork using the correct print specifications we have created series of artwork templates for Adobe design products which are free to download.

These files contain guides for important areas such as 'bleed area' and the 'safe zone' to ensure your artwork is perfect to print.

If you need or you need a bespoke size, please feel free to call us on 01952 850730 or e-mail artwork@print-print.co.uk and we will create your ideal template and email it to you for FREE!

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Printed A1 Posters

Printed A1 posters support poster advertising at its greatest. This is because you are presented with the option to advertise your business, product, or service in the most captivating way possible. It’s hard to ignore an almost two by three foot poster, especially when it’s right next to you while walking by a storefront window.

What Are A1 Posters Used For?

A1 posters are used for just about anything you could imagine. Here are some examples:

  • Promote a concert, sporting event, or fashion show.

  • Advertise a special offer at your store.

  • Gain recognition and promote your service company.

  • Capture the attention of people walking by your front window in a strip mall.

What Paper Thicknesses Are Available?

The available paper thicknesses will vary depending on whether you want a poster that’s litho or digital printed. Litho printing limits you to 130gsm and 170gsm thickness levels, whereas Digital printing gives you the option of 165gsm and 250gsm.

What Paper Styles Are Available?

We offer a variety of paper styles for A1 poster printing. This includes 130gsm and 170gsm gloss poster paper through our litho printing service and the following paper styles for our digital printing service:

  • Standard Print – 165gsm Silk

  • Premium print – 250gsm Silk

  • Laminated Gloss / Matt

Litho poster printing is available and priced in order quantities ranging from 100 to 5,000, but you can contact us with a request for larger volumes and we will give you a quote. Digital printing is available in quantities going up by one to a total of 10 copies.

How Can A1 Posters Help My Business?

If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that size matters. The bigger something is, the quicker it will catch someone’s attention. Just think of all the home buying TV shows. If there’s a home that’s obviously larger than all the others, the people are very quick to embrace it.

This is what you get to capitalise on. You capture an onlooker’s attention and they embrace what they’re looking at (a large poster) and the ball is completely in your court. Not only that, but they threw off the opponent’s jersey and they’re scavenging to find an extra of yours!

What Measurements Are An A1 Poster?

An A1 poster is the following measurements:

  • 594 x 841 mm

  • 59.4 x 84.1 cm

  • 23.39 x 33.11 inches

What Businesses Use A1 Posters?

A1 posters are literally useful for just about every business. Even if there’s no room in the window, it can still be effective inside your business. Of course, you will want to make sure that a poster is the right way of getting your message across.

If you have a lot to say, an A1 poster definitely gives you the space to reach out to them. Communicating a wide range of points or a long set of details comes in handy in almost any type of business. Even if you want to focus more on images, this size gives all the space you need.