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Uncoated Loyalty Cards


Loyalty card printing will give your customers a reason to keep coming back for more. Our 380mic uncoated material is perfect to write onto, quality printing with fast delivery.


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Uncoated Loyalty Cards

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Uncoated Loyalty Cards

Give them a reason to keep coming back for more

When you're trying to push your business forward, getting new customers is great.

But getting new customers can be costly – and investing in advertising always comes with a risk.

So if you want to boost your sales without the costs of acquiring new customers, you need to find ways to get more out of the ones you have.

And one of the most affordable (and effective!) ways to start is by giving them a concrete incentive to choose your business as their regular spot.

Get a sharp new Loyalty Card to boost your sales and build your brand

With a professionally designed and printed Loyalty Card, you'll be able to:

  • Motivate your customers to keep choosing you (and not your competition)
  • Put a daily reminder of your business right in your customer's wallet – it's a free personal advert!
  • Develop your brand and gain valuable loyal customers
  • Show your customers that you care – and that you're willing to give something back.

What's the best type of print for a Loyalty Card?

For the best results with a Loyalty Card system, we recommend our premium 350gsm uncoated stock.

Because it's not coated with one of our higher-end finishes – such as matt or gloss – our Loyalty Cards are stamp and pen-friendly (and punch-friendly if you prefer to make holes).

They're designed to absorb ink more quickly, and that means any marks or stamps you add won't leave a smudge in your customers' hands or pockets.

And the best part?

Because we don't use any fancy finishes, you can get your Loyalty Cards printed at the best possible price – which makes perfect sense for a product that eventually gets thrown away!

Ready to turn the next customer into a regular?

Give your favourite visitors the incentive they need to keep coming back with a professionally printed set of Loyalty Cards.

Just upload your design (or ask us for some help!), and we'll get your branded new cards out to you with free next-day delivery. Simple!