Mounted Poster Printing

Looking for a tough promotion that can take a beating and stand out from the crowd?

Our next-day mounted posters are frame-free and durable. Staples and thumb tacks don’t give off the most professional look – So instead of spending money on expensive frames and hanging attachments, get one of our mounted printed posters on Foamex or Foamboard.

Mounted poster printing with foam board, foamex or encapsulation plus free UK delivery.

Shop for Mounted Posters by size

  • A0-mounted-posters

    A0 Mounted Posters

    Taking your big message to a big space? Get a more robust promotion that can take the weight with our A0 mounted poster printing. And if you really want your message to stand out, you’ll love the prominent 3D effect of your new A0 mounted poster.

  • A1-mounted-posters

    A1 Mounted Posters

    If you need a long-lasting promotion but you don’t want to buy a frame, try our A1 mounted printed posters. It’s not just about being durable and attractive – our A1 mounted posters are extra thick, catching the eye from every angle.

  • A2-mounted-posters

    A2 Mounted Posters

    Looking for a more solid promotion for your window displays? An A2 mounted poster is perfect for an indoor message that needs to get attention. With frameless hanging and a tear-free shelf-life, our A2 mounted poster printing can make your long-term offers last longer.

  • A3 mounted posters

    A3 Mounted Posters

    Forget those unsightly staples and thumb tacks – give your important promotions a longer life with a sturdy A3 mounted poster. No costly frames, and no rips or tears: our A3 mounted poster printing keeps your adverts fresh for longer.

  • A4-mounted-posters

    A4 Mounted Posters

    Ideal for long-term content – like business policies, warning signs or display menus – A4 mounted posters are designed to stand out and built to last. The deep 3D effect catches the eye, and the thick, strong backing of our A4 mounted printed posters can keep your promotions looking healthy for years to come.

Printed Mounted Posters

Printed mounted posters are becoming very popular in the corporate world.At Print-Print, we are starting to see clients order these more and more. We strongly believe that the greater level of quality – given the support the product provides to the poster paper – is why these products are becoming the standard for advertising posters.

What is a Printed Mounted Poster?

A printed mounted poster is simply a printed poster that has been mounted onto a board. This eliminates the need for a frame. For advertising purposes, this really lets the poster stand out. With no frame to detract the eyes from the message, all attention is on the poster’s images and text.

Why Choose Mounted Poster Printing?

Good question!

Sometimes it can be hard to choose between a mounted and an un-mounted poster because there doesn’t seem to be a purpose for going with the mounted option. It is in real world experience that most start to realise that a mounted poster is right for them. The problem with the traditional wall poster is that it needs something to put it up. While you could use blue tack to stick the poster up, why would you bother with such a low quality adherent? It will only stay up for so long. Tacks and staples are even worse aesthetically. A mounted poster is easy to hang, it stays up, and it looks clean.

What Sizes of Mounted Posters Are Available?

It doesn’t make as much sense to mount a smaller poster as it does a larger one. We only support mounting of our larger posters; this includes our A0, A1, and A2 poster sizes.

What Type of Businesses Use Mounted Posters?

There is nothing different about the design of a mounted poster versus a standard poster. The difference comes from how it’s made, placed, and viewed. This means that the types of businesses that can use a mounted poster are not necessarily any different from the types of businesses that would use a normal poster. Our customers who buy mounted posters from us regularly consist of Hairdressers and beauty businesses, Hotels and gyms, Café and restaurants, Retails shops, Cinemas and Nightclubs

What mounting board types are available?

Our printed mounted posters are available in three different options. They are as follows: 5mm Foamboard (lightweight), 3mm Foamex (hard plastic), 5mm Foamex (hard plastic)s