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Round Stickers


Our easy-peel Round Stickers come printed on A4 backing paper in a wide range of sizes. So wherever you need it, you've got a sticker that fits. Quality round sticker printing with fast delivery.


Round Stickers

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Semi Permanent Gloss
Round (on A4 sheets)
37mm Dia

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Round Stickers

Get more eyes on your brand wherever you go

Looking for a single print with endless possibilities?

Our easy-peel Round Stickers are one of the most versatile ways to get you and your promotions noticed.

They're printed in full colour on semi-permanent gloss adhesive paper, giving them a full-bodied colour and a shiny finish that catches the eye. And that means they're perfect for things like:

  • Customised name tags for networking and promotional events
  • Adding an eye-catching promise to the outside of your envelopes
  • Putting a quality-approved seal on your products and packaging
  • Or creating fun and playful messages for your gift packs at trade shows.

Save money on your marketing with a temporary offer

These stickers aren't just for decoration. They're also a great way to give your marketing a boost – especially when you're targeting certain people or adding new information.

By adding these stickers to the marketing materials you already have, you can enhance the promotions you already have – without having to print a whole new batch.

We've seen our stickers used for things like:

  • Running a time-limited special offer – '20% off until the end of March!'
  • Targeting a segment of your direct mail campaigns – 'As a returning customer, you've earned a discount code inside'
  • Or updating your stock without buying new packaging – 'New improved recipe!'

A mini-promotion for every kind of space

Our easy-peel Round Stickers come printed on A4 backing paper in a wide range of sizes. So wherever you need it, you've got a sticker that fits.

All our Round Stickers are measured by diameter. You can choose from:

  • 37 mm Round Stickers
  • 51 mm Round Stickers
  • 76 mm Round Stickers
  • 100 mm Round Stickers
  • Or our CD-sized 120 mm Round Stickers.

(But watch out: our CD-sized stickers are designed especially for covering CDs – so they come with a 15 mm hole in the middle!)

Ready to bring your brand to exciting new places?

Just choose the size of your stickers and upload your favourite design, and we'll get a perfect batch of bright and colourful promotions out to you in 72 hours. Easy!