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Protective Screen Dividers


With our Social Distancing Screen Dividers, you can give your customers the physical barrier (and the personal space!) they need to stay reassured and protected in your premises during coronavirus.


Protective Screen Dividers

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Semi-Transparent Fluted Polycarbonate
690 x 2000mm

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Protective Screen Dividers help your customers stay safe and follow social distancing.

Some businesses simply can't function without close interaction. But while the government's social distancing guidance remains in place, we all need to do everything we can to help people stay safe.

With our Social Distancing Screen Dividers, you can give your customers the physical barrier (and the personal space!) they need to stay reassured and protected in your premises.

These space dividers can easily be wiped down to be kept hygienic and sanitised. They're the perfect solution for any business that has customers who usually need to stand close together, such as:

  • Banks and building societies
  • Arcades and betting shops (especially between games machines)
  • Supermarket checkouts (especially self-service checkouts)
  • Restaurants and cafés (to separate tables of diners)
  • And hairdressers and beauty salons.

These screen give your workers the protection they need

If you're running a customer-facing business, your staff are in constant close contact with the public. But with our transparent acrylic protective screen, you can give your staff the peace of mind they need to stay focused and productive.

They're ideal for any situation where your staff need to give face-to-face service, such as:

  • Customer service counters
  • Tills and checkouts
  • Hotel reception desks
  • Gyms between equipment
  • Or estate agents and other high-street offices.

What size are Social Distancing Screen Dividers?

Our Social Distancing Screen Dividers measure 2,000mm x 690mm, and they come in two styles:

  • Transparent Acrylic (with options for printing and branding)
  • Semi-transparent fluted polycarbonate.

The semi-transparent option is especially useful for places where privacy is important – such as banks and building societies. And the transparent acrylic is ideal for places where visibility is important – such as at supermarket checkouts or gambling machines.

(And if visibility is important, we'd recommend that you limit the amount of printing you get – too much print can obscure your view!)

Each customer divider comes with a pair steel L-brackets to form a sturdy base. So even when business is booming, your protective screens can handle the high traffic.

And the best part? Both types of material are easy to wipe down – so you'll have no problems keeping your customer areas safe and hygienic all day long.

Is your business ready to re-open after Coronavirus?

Get your business ready to start trading safely with the concrete protection your staff and customers need. Just choose your material, and we'll get your Social Distancing Screen Dividers packed and shipped and delivered in 3-4 days