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Our A3 poster printing service is the perfect way to create promotional or display posters that don't take up too much space but are still eye-catching and effective.


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A3 Poster Printing

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Printed A3 Posters

A3 posters are slightly on the small side, but they still give you all the space you need to get your message across. They are not as good for storefront windows (unless it’s a small window) and they don’t grab attention from a distance, but they are perfect when used indoors. Our full colour poster printing gives you a range of options, so you can be certain that the poster you use will serve its purpose.

What Are A3 Posters Used For?

As explained, A3 posters are most commonly used in an indoor setting. This does not limit their effective uses at all though. Here is a quick list of some ways that your poster may be used:

  • Advertise a special offer near the till at a fast food restaurant.
  • Increase recognition in a referral promotion at the front desk or door of a gym.
  • Promote an upcoming event at a night club or bar.
  • Draw attention to an event or even a missing pet when put on a street post.

What Paper Thicknesses Are Available?

We offer differing levels of thickness for our A3 posters and the options will vary depending on whether you require a gloss or silk finish. We offer 100gsm – 350gsm on our silk paper and 135gsm – 250gsm on our gloss paper.

Please refer to the A3 poster price chart to see the specific thickness levels that are available within this range.

What Paper Styles Are Available?

We offer both silk and gloss finishes for our posters. The available paper styles will vary depending on the quantity you require and custom order requests may be made for higher volume orders.

How Can A3 Posters Help My Business?

You are not always able to speak to your prospective client or customer. Sometimes they are not ever in front of you or any of your company’s representatives. Even if they are standing right in front of you, a full conversation isn’t always easy to have.

The A3 poster allows you to grab their attention and it gives them a reason to have interest in you or what you have to offer. It puts on blast something significant that you are able to provide them – whether it’s a special deal, a unique service, etc. This is first hand advertising that the viewer is forced to register, which essentially provides a greater response rate than a 30-second commercial on a popular TV channel.

What Measurements Are an A3 Poster?

An A3 poster dimensions are as follows:

  • 297 x 420 mm
  • 29.7 x 42 cm
  • 11.69 x 16.54 inches

What Type of Businesses Use an A3 Poster?

Any business can benefit from an A3 poster. It’s just a matter of determining where it should be put and what it should promote. To put it into perspective, here are some businesses that actively use these size posters:

  • Pawn shops
  • Corner stores
  • Local pharmacies
  • Concession stands