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Printed Compliment Slips

Our team of experts here at Print-Print are dedicated to providing your business, be it a small operation from home or a large corporation, with all of the printed supplies you need to maintain a good business reputation and healthy relationships with your clients. For this reason, we offer printed compliment slips on 120gsm white laser bond paper or silk in full colour. Read on to find out how compliment slips can benefit your business.

What are Compliment Slips Used For?

Compliment slips are the perfect way to add a personal touch to any marketing material that might otherwise seem impersonal. Your clients will be more inclined to read or view materials you send them if they are accompanied by one of these.

So, what exactly is a compliment slip? Basically, it is a small (21 x 9.9 cm / 210 x 99 mm) slip that contains your business logo, contact information, and a short line of text followed by an open area for a handwritten note.

How Can I Design a Professional Compliment Slip?

You’ll want to make sure your compliment slip doesn’t look too cluttered. Your business logo, along with just one or two contact methods (perhaps your telephone and email address) should be perfect. In the following line of text, you should print something along the lines of, “With compliments…” and then leave enough space for you to write a warm, personal message to the client. The simplicity of these make them ideal for situations where a letter is unnecessary, but you still want to add a personal touch to your correspondence.

What Information Do I Need to Include?

Again, your business name, logo, and basic contact information is enough to fill the space without making it feel too cluttered. After your line of text, you will want to insert a personal message for the recipient. Be sure to think about the particular client that you are sending the slip to. If you know them personally, you can go with a friendly, “thinking of you” approach. If you are sending a slip to a new client, a friendly tone is good to use, but be sure to keep things professional.

How Can I Upload my Design?

At Print-Print we make uploading your personal design easy. We do ask, however, that you keep a few basic requirements in mind:

  • Your image should be in PDF format
  • It must have a minimum of 300dpi resolution
  • It must be provided in CMYK colour mode
  • You must include a 3 mm all around bleed area for all artwork files

If you have any questions or concerns about how to design your compliment slips, what templates we have for you to choose from, or other inquires regarding printing options please do not hesitate to contact us.